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A client came to us who was stuck with an aging online gallery system that could only be patched to keep afloat. The gallery wanted something new, something modern, fluid, flexible, and vivid. They wanted a system that would render pixel perfect images on even the highest resolution displays. They wanted a system that did not limit image size, or quality. They wanted a system that would give them all the features they needed, without being cluttered by features they did not.


We spent 2 years developing the immersion gallery system, a powerful database driven application that gives you the freedom to create the online presence you always wanted. From a stunning default template, loaded with many different display modules, to a complete customized web experience, you have the freedom to create the solution that is right for you.





Stunning Image Quality

setting us apart


At the core of our system, is the quest for ultimate image quality. Every work that you upload is multi-sampled at each resolution that it will be displayed at. What this means is a stunning image that is customized completely to your own site's layout. You are not limited to a set file size or compression level.


Custom Sharpening Algorithm

Use the systems optional built in sharpening system and give your images crisp high-definition. To the right we give you an image with our custom designed sharpening applied. Hover over the image to see it without sharpening. >





Powerful Online Administration System


Manage your entire web site from a control panel designed to give you an elegant yet powerful work-flow. We give you the power to easily manage your:

works artists news + events
categories subjects mediums
exhibits slideshows pages + menu







Find the edition right for you.



Complete Control Over Your artist edition gallery edition master edition
works / paintings
custom slideshows
video support
multiple artists  
multiple galleries    
multiple private collections    
e-commerce opt. opt.
number of images per work 2 4 6
custom image sizes / compression
optional image sharpening
Users can share Works via Facebook, Email, Pintrest